Capable Canine Consultants offers positive reinforcement dog training that is effective, gentle, and a fun  way to teach your dog, using proven, science-based methods. Positive reinforcement rewards dogs for doing what we want, and with practice, increases the occurrence of appropriate behaviours, while reducing, and eventually eliminating, behaviours that we feel are inappropriate. I can help your dog build focus, and create a strong relationship built on trust, while developing in you a solid understanding of how dogs learn. Because all dogs are different, I work individually with each owner to help fine-tune the training process when necessary.


Over the last ten years, area of focus in dog training has been behaviour modification for fearful and fear reactive dogs, via science-based, gentle, and humane training methods. In 2012, I obtained certification as a Certified Behaviour Adjustment Training Instructor (CBATI). Behaviour Adjustment Training helps animals gain confidence and social skills, and is a natural method that creates an emotionally safe interaction with minimum intrusion. The CBATI certification is globally recognized, and I am one of only two certified instructors in the southern Ontario area.




Private In Home Sessions for Basic Obedience and Behavior Modification for Puppies

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Working with puppies and families to achieve success in all aspects of life, from safe and fun play time at home to learning obedience basics that benefit all puppies in life and empowered socialization that helps puppies learn to make good choices, which helps to minimize or eliminate scary experiences that lead to behaviour problems such as leash reactivity.  Clients will learn all about positive reinforcement training and how to teach different behaviour cues.

Private In-Home Sessions for Basic Obedience and Behavior Modification for Adults

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Learn obedience basics with your adolescent or adult dog to help them succeed in everyday life, both in your home and in the greater community. Behaviour modification for dogs that are fearful or fear-reactive using positive techniques, including Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT). Focus on helping fearful dogs learn to make good choices that eliminates in them the feeling that they need to be fearful or reactive.


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